Unique Animal Crafts Karen Morris and Grace M. Morris

Unique Animal Crafts: Or the Mystery of the Missing Cup By Karen Morris and Grace M. Morris


They were gone! Every last one of them! I looked under the bed, in the hall, everywhere high and low. But I just couldn’t find them. All I could find was this book about these Three Oz. Cups. It was about making farm animals, sea creatures, dinosaurs, and many other things that were made out of those things. It was about a woman who lost her cups too. I wonder if I read it, if I would find a clue or two.

Everything is simple, just some Three Oz. Cups, paper, and glue. Maybe one other thing or two. Nothing is too hard to make. Just a snip here and a strip there and add a little bit of glue. Maybe a special touch of this or a special touch of that. Both you and your kids will have fun. I can guarantee you that!

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