The Air We Breathe WIP


2nd Round of Edits

105,003 Words

The Air We Breathe Mock-up Cover by Grace M. Morris


The dawn his mother died, a Boy, Altan, a lone Caretaker, would have became a Scribe. But somehow he did something that no other Caretaker has ever been able to do. He made winter into spring, something only trained World Builders can change.

They killed everyone she has ever loved. The Girl, Lily, a dangerous Scribe, should not have been able to escape her pod that night. She should have died with the information she recorded from her previous masters. And most importantly, she was never to experience a life of a human being or make a friend.

The Friend, Blake, is a feared, highly ranked World Builder. Trying to follow his father’s footsteps and become the next heir to lead, he ends up creating nightmares in his dreams. And destroying creations of other Builders in his sleep. All of which is against the code of the World Builders, and it is all he can do to keep it secret.

The Friend recruits the Boy among others to hunt a rogue World Builder. The Girl runs.

Please Note: The synopsis for this book might change.

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