Planet Chaos (Team Vergate 2) WIP


Rewriting 1st Draft


0 / 50,000 Words

Planet Chaos (Team Vergate 2) Cover by Grace M. Morris


No one can comprehend the chaos in their lives….
And it just got worse.

Secrets can be deadly…. Suffering is what makes us hide…. Chaos is always waiting…. Alvan has no choice but to go to planet Congeria to find a part to repair the Exsilium, which he believed he broke by his carelessness. Planet Congeria is a symbol of his suffering, of the things he could never go back too. For him it is dangerous to go back. Worse, Megan insisted to come with him. She can never know the darkness of this kind of evil…. Until she goes missing.

Please Note: The synopsis for this book might change.

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