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You heard about Team Vergate….
But what do you know of before….
My name is Tamma Kapis…. This is my story.

What do you know about peace? About the war? About tragedy? What do you know about…. before? Before the innocent children went on those ships?

You don’t really know what happen that day.

You didn’t watch the people you love, die one by one.

You didn’t see the world you loved…. End.

This is why we are what we are. We were not Perfect…. we were desperate.

We wanted…. we needed to end the war, we no longer wanted to see the suffering. We were ready to grasp onto anything they gave us. Anything to save us. If they told us we survived because we were Perfect…. most would believe them. They wanted to know why they survived, when their families did not.

We were not ready for death.

But it was death they gave us.

They made our hearts darker than darkness itself.

This is how we began….

On a icy, black, broken, world. Where all Perfect’s began.

My name is Tamma Kapis. Let me show you my world.

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