Daughter of the Phoenix WIP


Writing 1st Draft


1,604 / 30,000 Words

Daughter of the Phoenix Mock-up Cover by Grace M. Morris


When your freedom becomes your prison…

There was something so freeing with changing bare skin into feathers, something thrilling. Calida Songbird, born as a thunderbird sifter, wanted nothing more than to feel that feeling forever. The feeling of soaring high in the skies of Lymcup, singing songs of joy with the other birds.

Captured by creature hunters and imprisoned in a cage of silver, she is unable to change back to her elf form. Sold for a profit overseas in the lands of Bolckaty, Calida begins to lose the art of sifting altogether.

In a desperate attempt to reverse the damage done, she searches for a fae to bless her. Falling in love with a human boy who only sees her as the thunderbird she is.

The prelude and bridge to the “Eye of the Panther” blog serial and the “Daughter of a Dragon, Son of a Sword” standalone novel.

Please Note: The synopsis for this book might change.

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