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Please read our Comment Policy before commenting.

Guideline: Let’s try to stay out of rabbit holes, as tempting as it might be, let’s keep comments related to the blog serial.

Rules: Please use nice words. That means no swearing. Please try to keep the maturity of your comments to the maturity level of the blog serial. If you recommend someone else’s blog in the comments that contains content that isn’t for all-ages or that isn’t Christian-friendly then please include a disclaimer. This website was made for the enjoyment of others, if your comment gives a negative vibe then it could be deleted. If you think that a commenter is going against the policy, you can flag it for the monitor to analyze it.

Reasons a comment might be analyze by a monitor: It was really long, ALL CAPS, too many repeated letters (like your screaming, like this: YAAAAYYYYYYYY), it contains swearing or bad/hot topics, it has a image that was detected as spam, or someone flagged it. Sometimes comments are stuck in moderation, please be patient!

Last updated on January 5, 2022.

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