Blogs I Follow

I love reading other authors’ and book reviewers’ blogs. I only wish that there was more time in the day so I could read them more. Here are the blogs that I really enjoy.

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Grace M. Morris

Be sure to let me know if you added me, would love to check out your blog. =D

Nicki Chapelway Author

The home of the fantastic author Nicki Chapelway. Her writing is super witty and fun to read.

Agency of Books and Spies

The home of the really good author Jes Drew. Her writing is fun and the characters are loveable.

Oceane McAllister

The home of the weaver of retellings Oceane McAllister. Her characters are awesome!

Imperial Scribis

Merie has a wonderful site. Her posts are well thought out about world-building in novels, writing, her writing, reviews, and more. I love reading her posts, they always make my day! =D

Tales of the Lonely Sun

A group of friends, Merie, Carlye, Jorja, and Mya, got together to make a blog about writing and other things. Really enjoy their posts.

Today by Bryn

Bryn writes really cool stories on her blog and often has a picture that follows the story in her posts.

Elizabeth Dragina

Elizabeth writes really good book reviews and really thought-out stories. Really enjoy this blog.

The Florid Sword

Faith has awesome book reviews, stuff on writing, and stuff about her own writing that I recommend reading.

H. S. J. Williams

The home of the author H. S. J. Williams. Her books are just awesome!

H. S. J. Williams Art

H. S. J. Williams’s art. They are so pretty!

The Silver Eye

The Silver Eye is a webcomic by Laura Hollingsworth. AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

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