Author Picture of Grace M. Morris holding her dog Colonel and her cat Junior.

Grace M. Morris

Author, Artist, Dreamer

Every hero has an origin story. Grace M. Morris traveled into a story one time, and no one has been able to pull her back ever sense. It happened kinda sudden, but she found out that she could also create worlds for others to walk in. Ever since that fateful day she has been hard at work creating her own YA speculative stories with a Christian basis. She has self published the books in the Team Vergate series “Before” and “The Exile”. She also writes and publishes the episodes of the blog serial the “Eye of the Panther”.

Grace never stops listening to music while writing. When she is not hard at work creating her next world, she is trying to figure out this thing called life. Currently she is helping her Dad repair the house and helping her Mom with their kids craft website. She also loves to bake (especially cakes), draw, read, spend time with her pets, spend time with her family, and watch movies. Now in her twenties she resides in the state of Washington.

Important things about me:
  • Believer in Jesus Christ
  • Author
  • Blog Serial Writer
  • Editor
  • Night Owl
  • Homeschooled Graduate
  • Artist; Digital and with Pencils
  • Co-founder of KGMCrafts
  • INFJ

Man, that was boring! Because, let’s face it, you only clicked on this page to learn about my deepest, most darkest secrets. Like the fact that I love to eat raw lemons without sugar. (So good!) And also those pictures up there is a lie, if you see me in real life I’m going to look more like this:

Author Picture of Grace M. Morris wearing a mask and sunglasses.

I figure that the only way you’re going to get to know me as if I get the big stuff out of the way. So here are the BIGGEST questions that I have/haven’t been asked that no one lived to learn the answers too. (Just kidding 😉 )

Q 1: When are you going to get a real job?

A 1: When I die.

Q 2: When is your next book coming out?

A 2: SOON!!! At this moment I’m working on several projects, I recommend that you take a look at my WIP page to see the progress of my writing.

Q 3: When did you become a Christian?

A 3: I believed in my Lord and Savior Jesus and that He died for my sins. I asked for His forgiveness when I was around seven. I never really thought about it back then, but nowadays I realize what Jesus did for me, for all of us, is truly amazing. How God can love me as a sinner and forgive me. It’s something so simple yet so impossible for humans and God still does it. He loves us. Kinda cool, right?

Q 4: What is your favorite color?

A 4: BLUE!!!! And I really dislike the color pink. Expect in flowers, flowers can be pink and pretty, but that’s it! BUT GIVE ME THE COLOR BLUE!!!!

Q 5: What are your favorite movies?

A 5: I love a lot of movies, so I only picked the ones that I will rewatch over and over again. “The Prestige”, “Interception”, the original “Star Wars” trilogy, “The Time Machine” 2005, “The Village”, “The Prince of Persia”, etc.

Q 6: What are your favorite TV shows?

A 6: “Timeless”, “Stargate SG1”, “Stargate Atlantis”

Q 7: What is your favorite ice cream?

A 7: I love all types of ice cream. But mint chocolate chip is my favorite.

Q 8: What is your favorite sweet?

A 8: Chocolate. I like anything with chocolate and mint. Lindor chocolate balls are a huge favorite of mine. Cookies, chocolate chip, molasses, and Russian tea cakes. Brownies. Chocolate cake. Cheesecake. ICE CREAM!!!

I have a sweet tooth, okay?

Q 9: What is the most exotic food you ate and loved?

A 9: Rambutan. They are the best thing ever!!!! If you have never heard of them, they are a fruit that has these longhairs all over it. How you eat them is you peel the outer skin off until you see this round white ball (you don’t eat the hairs, yuck! What were you thinking!). You eat the white part, but you have to be careful of the seed in the middle. It’s very good, like a combination of Jell-O, kiwi, and something else, lol it’s been awhile since I had one. I usually could find them at the fresh produce section at Walmart during August. And I can eat the whole basket myself. And seriously, if you don’t know about this fruit, where have you been? It’s like a major plot point in Ted Dekker’s “Circle” series. Now I want one, cries

Q 10: What are your favorite books?

A 10: “Of Silver and Gold” By Nicki Chapelway, “Winter Cursed” By Nicki Chapelway, Ted Dekker’s “Circle” series, “Blink of an Eye” By Ted Dekker, “The Hunger Games” By Suzanne Collins, “The Lunar Chronicles” By Marissa Meyer, “Rose’s Wrath” Oceane McAllister, etc. It keeps growing, so watch out!

Q 11: What’s your favorite music?

A 11: My favorite song ever is “Sailboats” by Sky Sailing. I also love cinematic music; some favorite bands are Audiomachine, Two Steps From Hell, Globus, and Really Slow Motion. Some other favorite artists are Owl city, Lindsey Stirling, Tommee Profitt, and so many others lol.

Q 12: What got you into writing?

A 12: A wild imagination and good books. I usually say that Nancy Drew got me into wanting to write, but in reality I always wanted characters going on grand journeys in majestic worlds. Probably from watching the movies Lord of the Rings and Star Wars when I was younger. =)

Q 13: Why did you name your website after you and not after the blog serial?

A 13: Though I have plans on writing several episodes of the “Eye of the Panther” blog serial, it does have an ending. Naming my website after me will give me the option to write other serials in the future.

Q 14: What is your favorite food?

A 14: Pizza, homemade eggrolls, lentil melt sandwiches, my Mom’s homemade bean burgers, my Mom’s homemade potato soup, my Mom’s homemade burritos, spaghetti, hamburgers, hummus, cranberry cinnamon goat cheese on Ritz crackers and with a cup of Earl Grey tea, hot chocolate, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, raw lemons with the peel, homemade strawberry jam, etc.

Q 15: Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl?

A 15: Night Owl. They might say that the early bird gets the worm, but who wants worms anyway? Owls are smart, okay?

Q 16: What else do you do?

A 16: I co-founded the website KGMCrafts with my Mom, Karen Morris. I also work as a graphic artist and editor.

Q 17: Where did you go to school?

A 17: I’m a homeschooled graduate.

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