Eye of the Panther S1 E36 Spared

Lord Lawrence “Ghost” Shepherd

The blue wisps felt like a blanket wrapped around my body. Offering warmth, safety, and hiding my form from peering eyes. It was comforting.

One can be so destructive hidden in the shadows.

I stabbed Eric’s needle dagger into the neck of a non-expecting guard in the hall. He collapsed to his death not knowing that it was a ghost who stabbed him.

A smile tugged at my lips as I wiped the dagger clean on the guard’s uniform.

A wave of thrill and desire filled my core. It was almost enough for me to forget what Nyx had done to me. For now. I just needed to wait for her to make me king over the faeries then she’ll get what she deserves. It’s a shame that all her beauty will be wasted. But Nyx will see her end.

Adrenaline pumped through my veins and I kept a steady pace down the golden halls. The canvases of Ambassador Frida’s art lining the halls. One of them depicted a Golden soldier protecting the castle from a large blue dragon, blasting orange flames from its mouth. I shook my head. The painting must be purely fictional. They can’t even take care of a little ghost infestation.

A Golden guard ran past me with petrified fear engraved on his face. Another chased him with the same expression, wielding his sword. I pressed myself against the wall to not be run over. The guard stabbed his partner multiple times in the back. A wild, terrified look creased his face.

I caught movement in the corner of my eye. The furnishings shifted into unicorns, the beasts prancing around the hall. Shadows transformed into black, misty unicorns that would run on the air like on clouds. Their unnatural cries piercing the hallway. Their black, soulless eyes locked onto my form even though I was invisible.

I dropped to the ground, drawing my knees to my chest, shaking. I squeezed my eyes shut. “No, no, no. They’re not real, they’re not real, they’re not real. Get it together, Ghost.”

A soft hand caresses my face, wiping the tears from my eyes. “Are you terrified, my little Ghost?” Nyx whispered into my ear with her sweet voice. I shuddered.

I opened my eyes to see Nyx knelt over me and Varian standing near the canvas of the dragon. A unicorn nudged its nose into Varian’s hand but he didn’t pay the beast any mind, instead, he stared at his reflection in his mirror that he held in his other hand.

“Make him stop,” I said through gritted teeth. Blood filled my mouth as I bit my tongue to keep from screaming out. I shifted back into my elf form.

Varian snorted. “I’m not doing anything.” I noticed that his moth wings had been cut from his shoulders and he was wearing an all-black uniform edged in white. He still stared at the mirror, the unicorn begging for his attention.

Nyx’s moth wings twitched as she moved away from me as if trying to help her keep her balance. Nyx smiled a shy, wicked smile, filled with razor-sharp fangs. “It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Though faeries can use all kinds of magic they primarily manifest in three different forms. I have manifested in fear, manipulation, and the creation of weaponry. Using our magic makes us feel so alive and it is stronger under a full moon.” She smiled wider. “I have used my magic so many times on you. Your face brings me joy.”

Horror spread through me. It was her. She was the one who made me kill my own men on the battlefield.

She strode over to Varian who paid her no attention. The unicorn disappeared in a cloud of mist. “Though it disappoints me that you have believed my powers as being Varian’s. He had manifested in something different and he had manifested in more than three. The ones that I am aware of are; shifting, healing, chaos, nature, the creation of architecture, and the one power he refuses to use, fire. He manifested to become a warrior.” She reached up to touch his face. “But he is only a beautiful prickly flower that will wither in despair. Believing in faerie tales that he is the prince of chaos and roses. Believing in love,” she purred.

Varian grabbed Nyx’s wrist before she could touch him and shoved her away with a scowl twisted on his face.

Nyx turned back to me taking a deep breath, her lavender eyes changing to a bright blue. She froze as if stunned, her smile disappearing. Her face changed to one of fear, a look I had never seen on her. But it quickly twisted to anger. “Where is he?” She screamed at me.

I backed up, climbing to my feet before falling over a chair and onto my back again. I shielded my face with my hands. She won’t kill me yet. Will she? ” I-I―” I stuttered.

“I smell him on you! Where is he?” Her moth wings spread out behind her and she walked towards me.

Nyx can smell the boy? Oh no. I’m done for. “I tried to grab him, but he escaped. I-I don’t know where he is.”

“Why you little —” she raised her hand as if to slap me.

I shielded my face with my arms. “It wasn’t my fault! Varian was there too and refused to touch the boy. My men were too afraid of disobeying Varian to intervene. You have made him out to be a monster, my men are petrified of him.”

Nyx put down her hand and turned to Varian. “Is this true?”

“I needed to cut off my wings,” he said flatly.

“You fool! I should force you to dance and cut them off with me!”

Varian swiped a lock of hair that was dangling near his eye. “That is precisely why I left to cut my wings,” he said, staring at his mirror.

Nyx turned back to me. “Find him! Sniff him out if you have to!”

“I’m not a dog,” I muttered, the words out of my mouth before I could stop them. Oh no. I just implied that Nyx was a dog.

I chanced a glance at Nyx whose face was red and twisted in anger. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean it!”

She pointed a long, slender, perfect finger at me. “Varian! Bless this idiot as a wolf shifter!”

“I’m sorry, please Nyx. Have mercy. I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!” I tried to stumble away. Fear filled my heart. I didn’t want to become like an animal like the people of Lymcup.

Varian sighed, putting away his mirror and grabbing his book tied around his waist. “Nyx, I don’t think that this course of action is wise. The young child is frightened. Turning the piece of meat into a wolf is not going to help matters any. May I suggest that you treat the child with gentleness and perhaps kindness? Though it has been a while, I have raised a young mortal and I will tell you that fear is not the answer.” He opened the book to a blank page and stabbed the quill of one of his feathers into his arm. He hovered the sharp point of the quill over the page, his golden blood dripping onto it. “But the decision is yours, of course.”

Nyx seemed to consider what Varian said and her features softened. “Very well, you do not have to bless him.” Her eyes never left my face. “But I want you, my Ghost, to find the child and bring him back to me. Alive.”

I tried to catch my breath. I glanced at Varian who I wasn’t sure gave me mercy or if he was just trying to preserve his own life. Writing blessings in his book seemed to age him or something. I turned my gaze back to Nyx. “Yes, Nyx. I’ll bring him to you.”

To Be Continued

Varian and a misty unicorn.

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Grace M. Morris

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