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Welcome! I’m Grace M. Morris, your guide as you travel through magical forests, dark corridors in space, and grand cities. Sometimes we just want to go on a grand adventure without leaving our couch (not that we’re lazy).

Here you’ll find everything on your list!

  • Want to sword fight? Check.
  • Want to ride scary unicorns? Check.
  • Want to save a nation from a war? Check.
  • Want a deep message woven inside? Double check.

Sounds pretty cool, huh? 😉 Well, I have some really good news for you! It’s not hard to get started on your quest. Every Friday you will get to read a new episode of a fictional blog serial. Each episode takes about 10 or so minutes to read, giving you enjoyment with connecting you with grand heroes and devious villains.

After you have read the episode there is so much more to do! At the end of every post find an original artwork drawn by no one other than myself. You can also enjoy listening to the playlists that helped inspire the serial or see the Pinterest boards.

Current Project:

Eye of the Panther Season 1

Grace M. Morris

One wishes for peace, the other longs for love. Together they find adventure.

Cover of the "Eye of the Panther" Season 1 by Grace M. Morris

Fighting an endless war Col. Jack Shepherd begins to question if what he’s fighting for is really worth it. Tired of the bloodshed the colonel tries to fulfill the prophecy given to him. The task seemed simple enough; find the amulet known as the Eye of the Panther. The powerful amulet would supposedly grant the wearer powers that would end the war. But everything changes for the worse when he finds that the current wearer is a young elvish boy.

Getting kidnapped (or adopted) by a moody colonel, Hunga Pana Jr. finally begins to hope that he has found the family he has always long for. He would do anything to win the Colonel’s heart, even use his precious amulet. If only he knew how to use it himself, that is.

Two opposing kings also want the amulet for themselves. Jack finds that he can no longer trust anyone and tries to protect the young boy at all costs.

Content Advisory:

If this was a movie, I would rate it PG13+ for violence, gore, intense fantasy/sci-fi themes, fantasy monsters eating humans, intense war scenes, and a case of a character drinking water that is tinted with blood, as well as other shenanigans that might be considered as content.

The “Eye of the Panther” is a Christian faith based story about the importance of family and doing the right thing in difficult situations.

New episodes on Fridays!

Latest Posts:

But I Read ALL the Episodes!

Perhaps you have already read all the episodes currently available to you. Well, my friend it’s your lucky day as I also write and publish full-length novels. Get ready to be thrown in a dystopian world where everyone seems to be Perfect…. or are they? Enjoy the books in the “Team Vergate” series, “The Exile”. You can also get the prequel, “Before” for free by signing up to my newsletter here.

I’m in the process of writing more books and episodes for you to enjoy. Be sure to sign up to my newsletter to be the first to see the new installments. =D

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